The Bloggee (Sammy)

Sammy is my male mack snow albino leopard gecko. I bought him on July 14th, 2012. He is my first leo ever, and I love him with all my heart!

Sammy was adopted from Funky Fish and Friends is Gaylord, Michigan. They had ordered him from Reptiles by Mack for me, and I was there right when he was delivered. Reptiles by Mack has very healthy, beautiful reptiles that I highly recommend for any herp lover!


I feed Sammy mealworms. ‘Nough said about that.

I gut load them with sliced carrots, apples, and sometimes potatoes.

For calcium, I use Tetrafauna ReptoCal.

As a weekly treat, I will give him one to three waxworms. He love them so much ^_^


Sammy’s set-up is a 20 gallon (long) glass tank.

He has four hides, one desert rock themed hide (which is his warm hide,) a DIY humid hide in the middle, and a Fluker’s 3-in-1 crib hide (which is his water bowl and cool hide), and a coconut hide which was actually designed for a hermit crab. (I bought this one because it was the same exact thing as the reptile coconut hide, but cost $5 less).

His food dish is kind of large, but he enjoys laying in it 🙂

In the corner, I placed a simple DIY calcium bowl for his calcium. He seems to enjoy standing on his hide legs and leaning up against the wall in it, making a mess of his calcium -.-

He has a desert background to give him more of a natural-looking habitat.

For substrate, I use reptile carpet. In his humid hide I usually switch between paper towel and EcoEarth, depending on the time of year.

For heating, I use a UTH. For those of you who don’t speak reptile, this means under tank heater.

I gave Sammy a reptile hammock, but he didn’t really seem to use it much, so I took it out. ‘Nough said.

I also have thermometers and a screen cover, but those are things that don’t necessarily need to be said. I debated whether I even needed to mention them, along with the UTH. IT’S JUST COMMON SENSE!


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