The Blogger

My name is Erin and I am fourteen years old.

My Interests:

I love electronics and technology. I am very computer savvy, and I enjoy uploading videos to YouTube, photo editing, video editing, social networking, posting to forums, blah-dee-blah-blah-blaaah. You probably don’t really want to hear all about that, now do you?

I just got a new Sony camera, and I love it sooo much! However, my Nokia Lumia 920 has a pretty fantabulous camera, so most of my pictures will come from there because it takes less time to upload them.

I love to read and write. (Hence the reason for a blog.) My favorite book series is the Hunger Games Trilogy, but my favorite book is The Fault in Our Stars. I will read just about anything, because my brain likes to know everything it can ^_^

My Sports and Hobbies:

My favorite sport is snowboarding. I used to do tons of other sports, but I got super duper busy, as I now do choir which is very strict about dedication.

After I graduate from choir this Spring, the only other sports I will return to doing that I had to miss out on this year are volleyball and track.

I am extremely musically inclined. I’m not afraid to say I’m a band geek. I plays lots of instruments, but mainly French horn, piano, trumpet, mellophone, and I’m learning acoustic guitar.

My Pets:

I love all animals! Simple as that 😉 I have a basenji named Jack and a leopard gecko named Sammy. I used to keep tropical fish, but then I decided on getting Sammy. I also used to have two cats, Mini and Maya, but after eight long years of owning them, we had to rehome them due to an allergic family member. (R.I.P. Mini, 10/16/2013).

My Goals and Dreams:

When I’m older, I have quite a few goals. My main one is to become a singer-songwriter who inspires everyone. However, the show-biz is kinda tricky, so I have three backup plans! My first is to become a music therapist, my second is to become a small animal veterinarian, and my third is to become a herpetologist and own my own herp-store.

Sooooo… Find me elsewhere too!

So that’s pretty much all you need to know about moi 😉 But, here are the links/usernames to my other sites and stuff:



Gecko Forums

Reptile Breeder 2


Instagram: erin_elisabeth_99

*I have many other sites and memberships. If you wish to find me elsewhere, leave a comment, and I will add it to my list if I forgot it. THANKS!*

GGB Info:

I am the creator and admin of GGB. I try to post weekly, but sometimes that isn’t quite possible. I usually end up posting once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Thanks for visiting the Girly Gecko Blog!




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