NEW THEME: Bushwick!

Hey guys! I thought that I should change the theme because our previous one looked a little plain, in my opinion. So I was looking through all of the ones available, and when I stumbled upon Bushwick, my heart stopped! It looks gorgeous. Normally I wouldn’t dedicate a whole post about updating my theme, but this one is quite a bit different than other ones, and it might take a little getting used to.

When you visit the homepage of GGB now, the screen will be split in half. I’m going to start off by explaining the left side of your screen. There is a picture of Sammy, along with the site title, Girly Gecko Blog, the tagline/header, “Who says a girl can’t love geckos?” and a link to go back to the homepage from anywhere on the site.

The right side of the page is where things get a little crazy, so we’re going to start from the top… literally! On the top left corner of the right side of the page, we have a couple of shortcut links. There is the “About” page, which tells all about the website, and “The Blogger” page, which tells all about me! If you hover your mouse over the page about me, another link will appear in a drop menu. This page is called “The Bloggee” and it tells all about Sammy!

Over to the very top right corner, we have a little symbol that looks like three horizontal lines. If you click on that, a menu will drop down. This is the same exact menu as what was on the sidebar from my previous themes. In the menu there are all sorts of fun things, such as the GGB archive, all of our categories, my Twitter feed, and more! To close this menu, just scroll down a little bit and click on the same symbol you used to open it.

Now that that’s closed, the site looks just like it did when you first arrived. Only the newest post will be opened, and the rest are closed up to save space. To get to them, just click on their links that are found directly beneath the newest one.

That’s basically all you need to know about the site! However, the theme works just a tiny bit differently on a tablet or smartphone, so if you have any trouble with it, just leave a comment below and I’d be glad to help you out.


Erin 🙂


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