REVIEW: Zoo Med Repti Hammock

Hey there, everyone! It’s been awhile, huh? I’m back, don’t you worry. I wanted to do a review today, so I decided to go with the Zoo Med Repti Hammock, as it has both it’s ups and downs. Sooo, here we go!


The Zoo Med Repti Hammock can be bought at many pet stores, both big-name pet stores like PetSmart and PetCo, or small ones like locally owned reptile shops. This is the Repti Hammock I will be reviewing. It is basically a triangle of green mesh attached to suction cups.

How to Use it

You find a corner of your reptile’s terrarium, and stick the suction cups to the side of the walls. Simple as that. The purpose of the Repti Hammock is to give your pet both exercise and more surface area to roam about and climb.


  • Adds surface area
  • Gives your reptile exercise
  • Leopard geckos love them! (From my experience).


  • Overpriced ($10.99 USD for something a forth grader could make).
  • Casts a shadow (This might not sound bad, but it can cause glares on the glass, making it so your gecko can see itself. If you have a territorial animal, this can seriously stress them out).
  • Hard to clean (When I had this in with Sammy, she pooped all over it).

Overall, it would pretty much depend on how much you’re willing to spend, how much time you’re willing to take up so you can clean it, and what kind of reptile you have. I personally haven’t used mine in about six months because it was close to the top of my terrarium. One day while I was cleaning I left the top off, and Sammy almost escaped!

I no longer use mine, but they can be quite nice on occasion.


I need some requests! I keep running out of ideas, so it’d be reeeally helpful if you had anything you wanted me to write about. Just let me know about it in the comments, and I’ll be sure to pull something together for you. I like helping other, so I’d be willing to write about pretty much anything animal related.

Also, I wanted to share my new cover with you guys! Click here to watch me sing “Say Something” and it would mean a lot to me!

Thanks so much, everyone!


Erin 🙂


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