Boy or Girl?

Hello again! It’s time for the long awaited post for “sexing” your leopard geckos! I’m one of the many people who have misinterpreted how to find the gender of our beloved pets, but I’ve got it under control now. (If you want to read about my mistake, click here).

Male Leopard Geckos

Male leopard geckos have femoral pores on the underside of their thighs, v-shaped preanal pores between their hind legs, and hemipenal bulges at the base of their tail.

Female Leopard Geckos

Female leopard geckos do have femoral and preanal pores, but they are virtually nonexistent because you usually can’t see them. (This is where I made my mistake).



(I got these pictures from RepticZone).

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and I’ll talk to you guys soon!


Erin 🙂



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