Sammy’s a GIRL?!?!

Hey everyone!!!

As you all know, I have a leopard gecko named Sammy. I got him on July 14th, 2012. And guess what I’m just now finding out? HE’S A GIRL!!!

Yeah, it’s kind of a fail on my part, but you know, accidents happen. When I checked awhile ago, back when she was maybe six months old, I decided to check if she was a boy or a girl.

At the time, she was still kind of young, but she had two bulges where a male leopard gecko should have them. However, there was a lack of the v-shaped pores. I figured, you know, maybe since she was young they would form in a couple of months. So I went on believing that Sammy is a boy.

Today, though, I checked again. The bulges were gone, and there still aren’t pores. Now I know what you’re thinking: “You’re just now figuring this out?” But get this: It was a rookie mistake.

Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay. Being that Sammy is my first and only leopard gecko at the moment, it’s not like I was going to breed her. (Which obviously wouldn’t work out). However, I was kind of disappointed when I found out.

I was disappointed in myself, not in my little girl. So now, I must apologize for calling my baby a boy for the past year and a half.


So I got to thinking, I might as well have my next post be about how to “sex” your leopard geckos.

Please forgive me of my error!
Love you all,
Erin 🙂


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