Feeding Schedule!

Hey guys!

A lot of people think it’s very important to mix up a leopard gecko’s diet, and I agree! I don’t switch it up like some people do, but I offer two types of worms a week.

Along with changing his daily diet, Sammy’s meals change depending on the time of year.


In the fall, Sammy is usually starting to transition into brumation, so he doesn’t really eat as much as in the summer or in the Spring. On Sundays, I usually fast him, which basically means he doesn’t get fed. Now I know a lot of people who think that this is cruel or mean, but I also know more people who only feed their adult leopard geckos three times a week. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I offer Sammy 12 mealworms, even though he doesn’t usually eat them all. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I offer 7-10 mealworms, hand-fed. On Friday I offer as many mealworms as he will eat, which is usually no more than 12 mealworms, hand-fed. On Saturday, I offer up to three waxworms, but usually only one or two, depending on how well he ate throughout the week.


In the winter, Sammy is most of the way into brumation, even though he never really fully is. On Sundays, I fast Sammy. Monday through Friday I offer Sammy as much as he will eat, but he usually will only eat 3-5 mealworms each day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Because of his lack of interest, I usually give him two or three waxworms, just to keep his weight on him.


For Spring, my little leo is coming out of brumation, so he is fed the exact same way as he would be going into it. So refer to the Fall section again.


For the summer, my gecko will usually stuff himself. This means everyday except Sunday Sammy will get as much as he will eat, which will range anywhere from 5-17 mealworms! (Holy cow!) Again, on Sunday he is fasted.

So, as you probably noticed, Sunday is fasting day, as well as cleaning day and the big ol’ weigh-in.

What is your reptile’s feeding schedule?




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