Poor Man’s Terrarium (Leopard Gecko Edition!)

Hey there everyone! I just had a thought strike me as I got home from school today: an idea for a new post! I know that a lot of people are having tough times with money, and they still want to keep reptiles, but that can be hard sometimes! So I present to you, the Poor Man’s Terrarium!

The first thing I’d like to say, is that these are just a few ideas for a cheaper leopard gecko setup. This isn’t going to be everything you need to care for a leopard gecko, as you cannot really replace a proper tank or under tank heater, but I will tell you what each thing is replacing.

One substrate that is super controversial is sand. Should we use it, should we not? Heck! Why don’t we just skip that argument all together and just give you a much cheaper option. Paper towel! It’s super cheap in bulk, and you can replace it just once a week (along with daily spot checking). Plus, it can help prevent impaction.

Most people offer their leopard geckos two or three hides, depending on how big their tank is. (I currently have four in Sammy’s habitat). The most important one, in my opinion, is the humid hide. A super cheap way to provide this is by cutting a hole in the side of a plastic container, or in the lid of a plastics container. For more information about this I have a post entirely about DIY humid hides. The two cheapest substrates for this are paper towel and Eco Earth.

Now here are some ideas for other hides. Take a piece of bark and lay it up against the side of your tank. Cut a coconut in half. Use empty paper towel or toilet paper tubes. The options are endless! (Just be sure to clean whatever you take from outside).

Calcium Bowls
Simply use a water bottle cap or a pill container cap! It’s much cheaper than going out and buying something special for a calcium bowl.

Always buy in bulk! It’s cheaper and keeps you from having to go out and buy more anytime soon.

Thanks for visiting!


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