This is Spike!!!

Before you cut to conclusions, I didn’t get another gecko. But my little cousin got one for his birthday!

My cousin’s name is Kaeden, and his grandma is my aunt (because he’s my second cousin). Kaeden turns eight later this month, while I turned fourteen today!

Awhile ago I showed Kaeden a picture of Sammy, and he fell in love! My Aunt Kym had asked me what kind of animal Sammy is, so I told her that he was a leopard gecko.

And guess what. She bought him one of his own. I was quite appalled at this, because all the stuff she bought for him was W-R-O-N-G.

The people at the pet store told her all of the wrong stuff. She bought a ten gallon tank which is totally fine as a baby, but the employee had told her that it’d be a good size for his whole lifespan. Noooo!!! Then the person told her that they needed a heat lamp, which is wrong, wrong, wrong (in my opinion). Next, they told her that they needed SAND!!!

Enough of this rant; the main point is that my cousin is following in my reptile-loving footsteps! This weekend I’m going downstate and I’ll have plenty to tell them.

That’s all for now.
Erin šŸ™‚


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