Project Humid Hide: Introduction

Hey there!

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m really sorry for disappearing on you guys! I’ve been super duper busy with school, track & field, piano lessons, voice lessons, jazz band, and a ton of other stuff! Buuuut one of the things of  “other stuff” is for you!

My school is having a science fair! My “experiment” is more of a testing; and not even that. I guess you could consider it a test, because I’m using this science fair to my advantage. My project is entitled, “Project Humid Hide.”

Basically all I’m doing is putting difference types of substrates inside of Sammy’s humid hide to see which one he likes best and which one is the best for his health.

Now, I don’t really consider this as animal testing, because I’m not really doing anything to Sammy directly; I’m just simply changing his humid hide substrate. Plus, I was going to do something similar to thing anyways; science fair or not.

I think Sammy got bored of the paper towel in his humid hide. He used to sit in there and sleep all the time, but not as much anymore as he used to. I’m just going through trial and error to figure out which one he likes best so I know which one to buy.

When I’m done with Project Humid Hide I’ll post some pictures from the science fair and I’ll type up the whole shin-dig. (Scientific method and all!)

So, until then, toodles!




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