Still in Brumation?

Hey friends! Even though it’s Spring time, here in the northern part of Michigan it is still looking a lot like winter! It snowed all day yesterday, and we didn’t have school on Friday because of an ice storm. It’s crazy!

How did this affect Sammy? Well, since it still looks like winter and feels like winter, he’s still in brumation! He just doesn’t seem to want to come out of it, and there is a perfectly good explanation for this! When a reptile goes into brumation, they don’t only feel the temperature change, they also feel the change in air pressure. So as long as it’s “Spring” like it is right now, he’ll most likely stay in brumation.

However, he is not totally in brumation. He will eat if I place mealies right in front of his nose, but only some of them. He wouldn’t eat at all during brumation, even if I offered anything. So I guess he is half-brumating. (Is that even possible?)


I made another blog here on WordPress! It’s called Bellaire Basenji, and it’s about my dog, Jack. (And yes, he is a basenji). If you’d like to check it out, that’d be awesome! I also made a Tumblr. but it’s a beauty/fashion blog, so it’s totally not animal related at all. If you’d like to check that out, you can find it by clicking here. I feel like I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t think I have.

Soooo yeah! Thanks!

I’m thinking about starting yet another WordPress blog about journaling. I’m not quite decided on it yet, but I’ll keep you updated!




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