Video + Reptile Channel

Hey guys! So my friend who love, love, LOVES horses takes an online college course on a website called Horse Channel. I though it was pretty cool, but since I’m not around horses a lot, it probably wouldn’t be as helpful for me as it is for her.

We checked to see if they had a similar website for reptiles, and guess what! THEY DO! It’s not exactly the same, since it’s reptiles, not horses, plus it doesn’t have the college course, BUT it is still really cool! It’s called Reptile Channelย and it has awesome quizzes, fun games, and MORE! My favorite part of it is that it has a ton of care sheets for reptiles. I’ve started in depth research about tortoises, specifically the Russian tortoise, and this has helped quite a bit!

If you sign up, you can earn points by doing various activities, and the more points you gain, the better prizes you can win! That’s right: PRIZES. They have a selection of reptile related products that you can get by redeeming you points.

You can also make a page for your reptiles! People can vote for your pet, and then your precious baby could be crowned as Reptile of the Day! If you already have an account, it’d mean a lot to me if you would vote for Sammy.

It’s just an all around epic website and I think you would all really love it!


The second part of this post just so happens to be a new video of Sammy!

I’m not sure if I even told you guys about my first video of Sammy, sooooo… Here it is!

I seriously just figured out how to actually embed videos, and I’m soooooo super duper happy about it!


Also, please vote on the poll if you haven’t already! It is linked in the side bar over there —>

It wouldn’t embed correctly, AGAIN, so I’m sorry!



Erin ๐Ÿ˜€


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