Monthly Poll! (March)

Whoop! Another month means another poll! What will it be this time?

I honestly haven’t a clue what it’s going to be, so while I think about it, I will talk about the results from last month’s poll.

The winning idea was the D.I.Y. thing! The D.I.Y. item just so happens to be what I call a double hide. These are very simple to make, and oddly adorable. I will make a post all about it within the next two weeks or so. It’s basically two hides in one… sort of…

So I finally thought of something! What kind of video should I make?

I didn’t want to type really long explanations of these videos in the poll, so I’m going to explain them in this post.

The reptile song would be awesomely epic. I’d choose a random song, and switch the lyrics out for tons and tons of types of reptiles. Ooooor… Or it could be tons and tons of leopard gecko morphs. I think that’d be pretty sweet! The leopard gecko setup guide would be a video all about Sammy’s setup and what should be included in a leopard gecko setup. It’s pretty much to the point. The video of Sammy eating… would be absolutely adorable. Trust me, he is so darn cute when he eats.

I’m sorry for the rush of making this poll. It isn’t very good, but I forgot to plan ahead! (Silly me!)

I will have the D.I.Y. up sometime soon, so be on the lookout for it!




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