Hey guys!

I’m soooooo sorry that I haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been extremely busy lately. I was sick and missed a couple days of school, took a couple days to catch up on it, I’ve been practicing my solo & ensemble piano solo A LOT because it’s super hard, I’ve been working on “The Lonely” by Christina Perri (which is, HUGE, because I’m planning a major music video. So the vocals have to be PERFECT, the piano has to be PERFECT, and the video quality must be PERFECT!) I learned trumpet in a week. Which is CRAZY. So, as you could imagine, I’ve been quite busy.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, I’d like to introduce February’s Monthly Poll!

Please vote ASAP! I realized that the January Poll had no votes at all, which kinda disappointed me. But that’s alright! I don’t have very many viewers yet. It will be on the sidebar for easy viewing, as well 😉

The “+ More” part of the title is kind of a personal thing, along with a bit of reptile stuff.

First off, I’d like to mention a couple reasons I might not post for a little while (but don’t worry, it won’t be too long!) As everyone knows, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I might be busy on that day. So ahead of time, I’d like to share what I would post on Valentine’s Day.

Whale you be my valentine? Dolphinately ;)

Whale you be my valentine? Dolphinately 😉

I just thought that was adorable and I just HAD to share it! (To any manly reptile guys out there reading this, I’M A GIRL. I post random stuff sometimes.)


Here’s some news you manly reptile guys might like. Even if it doesn’t win the poll, I will be making a leopard gecko care sheet no matter what! It might not be ready right away, but I will still write it! I will be trying to post some videos (or links to videos) of my wee Sammy!

Another part of the “+ More” of the title is another… *DRUM ROLL PLEASE!*


  • I think it’s adorable when leopard geckos shed. Just sayin’! Here is a video about shedding. I found this while cruising through YouTube and thought it was neat! Especially when it gets about two minutes into the video. What a smart gecko 😉
  • I love when they stick their cute little tongues out! Especially blue tongue skinks.
  • We all know animals are (usually) cutest as babies!!! I thinks it’s very cute when geckos first hatch. Having not ever BRED a leopard gecko, I had to find a video to share. Adorable!!!

That’s all for now, folks!




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