PetSmart Rant

I was stopping into PetSmart the other day, and decided to look at the leopard geckos. What I saw was absolutely appalling… There were many things that just made me furious! (Be warned, I will be ranting in this post.)

  • The leopard geckos were marked as “juveniles,” but were clearly babies much too young to be sold in a pet store. Their heads were maybe slightly larger than my pinky-nail. Their tails were as thick as the cord to an iPhone charger, (sorry for my terrible comparison.) They had that “baby” look to them. It irked me that they were miss-marked.
  • They were kept on SAND! That probably bugged me the most 😡 I mean, I wouldn’t even keep a juvenile on sand, let alone a BABY. I might not even keep an adult on sand. (Sorry to all the people who use sand. I’m just really against it.)
  • There must have been at least a week’s worth of poop from multiple geckos in the corner. It was awful!!! Couldn’t they just clean it up? It’s not that hard to do. It’d take less than a minute, if they did it as often as they should.
  • They were being fed pellets, not live food. Now, sure people don’t always feed live, and use like freeze-dried or something of that sort. But pellets? Seriously?
  • The size of the enclosure was absolutely small. It was maybe a five gallon tank (tall) and it just bugged me. They had very little floor space.
  • The label said that they should have a desert-themed enclosure. But PetSmart had to be dumb and go against their own labels. They made it tropical-themed. And I mean, having tropical-themed decor isn’t going to hurt the geckos, people do that all the time. What bugged me was that it said desert-themed right below the enclosure.

I was going to talk to the manager, but I was running late for something and had to leave. Yeah, I could go on and on, but I don’t think you want me to.

I might just be overreacting about it all, but maybe I should call animal control?

What would you do?



(A Furious Customer & Leo Lover)


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