The Bonding Circle

Okay, so for the longest time I always worried about letting Sammy crawl around on the floor in my room for many, many reasons, mostly because I was afraid that he’d get into something, get lost, and die, which I surely wouldn’t want! He’s my baby, for goodness sake!

But I came up with a solution. I call it the bonding circle. (Dumb name right?) Anyways, the bonding circle is basically a barricade of stuff that I put up on my floor so I can let him run around and climb my shirt, which he actually enjoys a lot!

The barricade is usually the same thing every time. I have soft music playing on my open laptop, and the screen serves as a wall, and the wall is in the form of a circle, consisting of my art kit case, a stack of pillows, a stack of magazines, a pile of books, a large rubber-maid bin, and a shoe box. Then I’ll sit in the middle of the circle and he’ll explore and crawl around all cute-like. I have found that he likes to sleep on top of one of the speakers on my laptop, which is odd. (But totally adorable, or in girl-talk “totes adorbs!” Sorry, my friend just texted me that so I had to say it.)

I basically just wanted to share that idea for some people who might want to try it out. I also like to sit in an empty bathtub (fully clothed of course) and close the curtains, then let Sammy crawl around. Just another idea 😉

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That’s all for now!




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