Cute Things Reptiles Do

So, while I was watching some YouTube videos, I had this brilliant beyond brilliance idea! (Actually it’s not that amazing, it’s just fun to say brilliant beyond brilliance.) Anywhoooo! I thought that I could have something to post every time to time, called Cute Things Reptiles Do, or CTRD for short. I will list some adorable things that I’ve seen reptiles do, just for fun. Then, if you’d like, you can comment with some cute things you’ve seen 😉

Here we goooooo!

  1. Geckos are absolutely adorable when they yawn. Their mouths open up so wide, and it’s just too cute! I saw Sammy do this before vacation, and I started crying because it was so adorable. I just kept on saying, “Ohhhhh! I love you so much, baby!” Here is a YouTube video I found that shows a leopard gecko yawning. The uploader added sound effects for extra cuteness.
  2. I find it sooooo cute when reptiles sleep. I’m not sure why, I just do! It’s adorable, in my opinion. Especially when they sleep like Sammy did as a baby. I found it funny how he always slept with his arms like that. He doesn’t do that very often anymore, though.
  3. You know how leopard geckos “wag” or “wave” their tails when they are angry? Well, I think that’s one of the cutest things ever. (Sorry, I couldn’t find a video. Next time Sammy does it I’ll video tape it for yuh!)


Another thing I wanted to share, isn’t really all the reptile related, BUT it does mention rattle snakes once. So I felt the need to share it 😉 I found it on YouTube. It’s called Dumb Ways to Die, and it’s actually PSA from Metro about train safety.

That’s all for now 😀




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