Going on Vacation

I’ll be going on vacation this Friday till the first Monday of January, and Sammy will be staying at my friend, Maggie’s, house. I’m going to tell you how I travel with reptiles. Some people might hate on me for how I do this, like “That’s too stressful on your poor baby!” No, it’s not as bad as you think. I’ve done it before and he’s just fine every time. He eats well, poops regularly, and is quite active.

First, I take inventory. Do I have enough mealworms? Do I have his calcium powder? Is the UTH working? And so on.

Once I know I’ve go everything, I will get his travel tank. It’s smaller than his regular tank, because, c’mon. It’s not even going to be much longer than a week. (My vacation from school is two weeks long, although I will be gone for about half of it.)

I don’t put his stuff in the travel tank yet. I do put him in it, though. I get everything into the car, and hold his travel tank (with him in it) on my lap. We then drive to his home-away-from-home.

Once we get there, I set up his tank with all of the items and stuff. I plug in the UTH, and then I make sure my friend knows everything for sure.

Then ta’da! That’s how I take care of my baby while I’m on vacation. I’ll text my friend to see how he’s doing everyday. Then once my trip is over I repeat the process, and when I get home I return him to his normal tank.

But what if I’ll only be gone for a couple of days? Like, two? All I do is check to make sure his moist hide is moist, and that I have enough mealworms or more than he needs for the amount of nights that I’ll be gone. It’s pretty simple, actually.

I hope this helps!

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