Fluker’s 3-in-1 Castle Crib

Right now I’m watching Chopped on Food Network, so I’m not near my laptop, but I want to give you all a review of the Fluker’s 3-in-1 Castle Crib. So I have decided to post via my BlackBerry. (It should have an auto-siggy at the end.)

1) The inside of the hide is HUGE for a leopard gecko! There is plenty of space for him to sprawl out.
2) The hide is somewhat low to the ground, which I have found that Sammy likes. Its similar to the hide hugging his back ^-^ he enjoys it.
3) The water bowl portion of it is nice. It has “steps” in a way for your leo to get out if he likes to “bathe” in his water.

1) The water bowl gets slimy, and it is kind of nasty. No matter how much I wash it, the ick, whatever it may be, will not go away. I don’t know WHAT it is, or HOW it is so stuck, or what even caused it, but it’s gross.
2) What is the third part of the “3-in-1,” like honestly? I don’t know if it said what it was on the label, but I truthfully wonder what it is.

Okie dokie! That’s all I needed to say. ^-^ I will add tags and categories later.

Posted by Erin from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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