My little Sammy is turning EXTREMELY creamy in color. If you look at him, you can see that his skin is coming loose. He just doesn’t seem to want to shed! It bugs me a little bit, although I’m not quite sure why.

Shedding isn’t really the main reason I decided to post this. I wanted to put a quick update, and didn’t have a good title. But it works!

Sammy is getting bigger! I love him so much! ❤ I miss the wrinkled-baby days, but he is a little wrinkly right now, with the shed and all! I will love him always and forever, no matter what.

Over Christmas vacation, my family and I will be going to Florida for a week, so Sammy needs a place to stay. My best friend, Maggie, will be caring for him while we are away. I sure hope she takes good care of my baby! She’s really good with animals, so I don’t have much to worry about 😉 The only true thing I’m worried about is her cat >.<

I took a couple of pictures of Sammy with my dad’s AWESOME Canon camera, and will try to upload them tonight!

Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow, and eats lots of turkey!


Erin 😉


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