He shed… Like a boss!

Finally! Sammy decided to shed… Like a boss! (Sorry, I had to!) There is a completely odd story (not that odd actually) that goes along with his amazing shed. ^_^

So maybe a half hour after my previous post, which I wrote this morning, my handsome leo decided to shed his extremely loose skin… Except he had some still stuck to him! :O I started to freak out, but alas, I calmed down and got it off. Since it was the first time that his shed skin was stuck to him, I never really had any experience getting it off. I figured it out: I got a Q-Tip, wet it down a bit, and gently rubbed it off -.- but guess what happened next. I had a loose hair that was dangling from the rest of my hair, and he ATE it! Thankfully, he didn’t swallow it completely, maybe about an inch of it, and the rest was just hanging out of his mouth, so I gently pulled it out -.- Woooooow… My gecko chooses my hair over his own shed skin… (Because, you know… Leos eat their shed… Just sayin’.)

Then a little bit later, I had piano and voice lessons. I told my piano teacher about my gecko, and she’s just like, “My neighbor has two leopard geckos!” So she told me about them. (Not sure why I had the urge to blog that, but I felt like it… So I did!)

If you look back at my old posts, you will notice that it will (or should) say that I edited them. Yeah, all I did was add them to categories. I’m working on getting that all organized. I am working on adding tags, too, but that might take awhile. So if you notice that, please be aware that I didn’t change the actual post, I just added it to specific categories and added tags to it.

What do you think of my theme? I like this one better than my previous one, but that’s just my opinion.

I still have to upload those pictures to my computer before I can post them, but trust me, I WILL! I will sooner or later. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but someday…

Happy early Turkey Day 😉 again…

-Erin xoxo ^_^

PS: Just thought I’d mention this… I’m over my fear of snakes ^_^ -.- Now I just need to get over my fear everything else…


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