Quick Little Update!

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about other reptiles, and I think that albino Kenyan sand boas are beautiful! ❤ I’ve never really been a huge snake fan, but they are so majestic! I according to what I read they don’t need to be held very much? Can anyone confirm that?

I am currently working on the appearance of GGB.  I’m checking out all of the free themes. I wish I could upgrade to pro, but my mom won’t let me. (For those of you who don’t already know, I am only thirteen, so she’s still the boss of me.) I have been working SO hard on my blog, and I have been thinking about MAYBE making it more of a reptile blog, not just a gecko blog. It would keep the name of The Girly Gecko Blog, but I guess I would add multiple categories. I wish I had more followers so I could hear some feedback! XD My time will come sooner or later!

Is there any reptile or amphibian that could be kept in a 5.5 gallon terrarium? Because I have an empty tank that calls to me. It says, “Fill me, Erin! Fill me! Fill me with little creatures that you love so much!” -_- Not really, but you get the point.

My camera is being evil and won’t take good pictures. They turn out crappy as heck, so I’ve been using my iPod Touch 4th Generation, but it still isn’t the best. >:) Maybe I can borrow my dad’s amazingly awesome Canon! (Please note: The reason for this paragraph is the explanation for why I haven’t been posting pictures very much anymore!)

That’s just about it for today, peeps! Type to you later! Bye!


Erin 🙂


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