Yesterday morning I was holding Sammy, and he decided to crawl right up to my shoulder. (That silly boy!) And that reminded me of a picture I saw on FaceBook!

The picture was just a pink background with text saying, “School dress codes are stupid! Like seriously, why no off-the-shoulder tee-shirts? No guy is gonna go around saying, ‘Dang, that is a FINE shoulder!'”

That sorta made me laugh. It was pretty cute, I guess. But what Sammy did was ADORABLE!!!

Soooo… I was thinking about TGGB. (Maybe I should just call it GGB…?) Anyway! What would everyone think if I started posts about my life? I could always put it in another category. But I thought that maybe people find it interesting…

Plus, here is another random update about moi 😉 I GOT A GUITAR! It’s acoustic, and I love it ❤ Have I told you guys about my YouTube account? I don’t think I have. Well it’s under my Google+ account, even though I had YouTube first. (The ways the internet changes!) I’ll probably post some more videos there soon. (I have one about Sammy on there already!)

Now! Back to the topic of geckos! Because I am still living at home with my parents (because I’m, you know, THIRTEEN!) they won’t let me have more than one reptile. (Or any other pets for that matter. Besides my betta and my dog.) But when I am older, my plans were to become a veterinarian or a singer-songwriter/musician. NOW, though, I was just thinking about this yesterday, actually. Maybe I should start my own reptile breeding line! How AWESOME would that be?! Totally rockin’! I would want to breed leopard geckos (OBVIOUSLY!) and probably some other kind of geckos… Like crested geckos ❤ or tokay geckos!

But yeah, that was what I wanted to say, pretty much.

Have an AMAZING day!


Erin! xoxoxo


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