Oooooh! Another Update ;)

This update is mostly about Sammy’s setup, but I’ll probably add some pictures at the end.

On the 27th, I made what was supposed to be a quick visit to PetSmart. It ended up being a heck of a lot longer visit that I intended. My mom and I were in town school supply shopping, and PetSmart just so happens to be right next to Staples (lucky me!) So after we were done shopping for stuff for school, we ended up going to PetSmart, a place that sells quality items, but not quality pets (so sorry, but that’s my opinion.)

I just wanted to go in for a quick look at their leopard gecko cage, because about a month ago I was in there and there was an awful pile of poo in the corner. And I’m not just talking about a couple of droppings, there was a bunch! I’m not going to get into much detail with that, but I just wanted to check if they had fixed that. They did, thank goodness!

After awhile of looking at leopard geckos and bearded dragons, I decided to check out the frogs, snakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and all the other animals in that area (I just so happen to have a MAJOR fear of snakes, scorpions, and anything with more than six legs. But you know, I wanted to face my fears and be strong. Well, truthfully they all happen to be right next to the frogs.) Eh, I don’t want to be too descriptive about all of the animals in that area right now. Let’s just say I looked at EVERY single living creature in the building 😉 there I made it easy.

The only animals left to look at were the cats. (I love cats with all my heart. I used to have two of them until SOMEBODY *cough, cough* my brother *cough, cough* ended up being allergic AFTER EIGHT WHOLE YEARS!) Over by the cats was a lady holding a box. Being the curious person I am, of course I went over and  looked at what was in the box. There sat a teeny, tiny kitten, only a few days old. He was found without a mother, and the umbilical cord was still attached. I loved that adorable little kitten ^-^

And then there were other cats up for adoption, too. One in particular that stole my heart was named Persephone, and they called her Persie. She had six toes on every foot. She was adorable, and I wish that I could have taken her home with me.

After I was done adoring the kitties, I wanted to find something to add to Sammy’s enclosure, something under $15, because I am saving up for a guitar, blah-blah-blah, that’s all beside the point. I bought a Repti Hammock, and I’m not sure if he likes it or not. He uses it, so I’m guessing he does.

So that was my very long update/story that I wanted to share with everyone. Now I shall upload some pictures ^-^

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(Oh how I wish my name were spelled Erynn ❤ if only, if only.)


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